"This evening was my first experience with a sports massage and I couldn't of chosen a more professional and knowledgeable person than Mike. I have a ongoing back problem which flared up through a work injury recently which was assessed and treated. I have come away instantly noticing better movement and pain relief #trustinMike"


"I'm 69, suffer from oedema and have limited flexibility in the my legs and feet.

After just two foot and lower leg massages by Mike, the oedema has all but gone, my legs and feet have regained much of their flexibility, my blood pressure has reduced, and I have a terrific feeling of well-being which I haven't had for lots of years.

Mike is extremely knowledgeable and is happy to explain what he's doing and why. All of this in a friendly and professional atmosphere. What more could a man want?

I can't wait for our next appointment!"


"Had a sports massage with Mike after a recent crossfit competition. I can't believe the difference in my legs already! He seemed very knowledgeable and gave me extra things to do at home to improve my ankles and calves (which I have actually been doing today!) My entire body feels so much better. Will definitely be back!"


"Had Mikey working out of my Functional Fitness gym for the last week and had a couple of sessions myself. I've had many sports massages in my life and I can honestly say his was phenomenal. He immediately found areas that needed work but also had good knowledge of the human anatomy which made sense for me to go forward with my training. Where my clients wanted information shared he was also great at relaying back to me problem areas and details of clients who I also personal train or who come to my gym so I can adjust their training appropriately. Would highly recommend."


"I can’t believe how much more flexion I had tonight, my first time back in the gym since my massage on weds! Thank you SO much I feel like a spring chicken jumping straight to my feet in my burpees! Absolutely can’t believe the difference.... it’s like magic!!! Thanks MAGIC MIKE!"


"I've known Mike for a number of years now and couldn't think of anyone better to work with when I started to suffer with lower back pain from an old injury. With a carefully planned treatment and maintenance regime, my rehabilitation has been nothing short of amazing. Thanks Mike."